Assembly & Secondary Operations

Clamcleats Ltd aims at providing its customers with a complete one stop service. Our staff and well equipped plant are at your disposal.



If your project has several moulded parts, these can be assembled and delivered to you as finished products.


Secondary Operationsassembly-secondary-operations-black-box-heat-stake-150px

Technical characteristics cannot always be achieved during moulding and they will thus require additional operations.

Our well equipped plant allows us to perform drilling, turning, punching, NC milling, heat staking and heat-serting operations on moulded parts.


Product Printingassembly-secondary-operations-pad-printing-sealed-ink-cup-150px

Clamcleats Ltd has in house facilities for the printing of your parts. We use pad printing as it has the widest range of applications, whether the surface is flat, cylindrical, spherical, curved and/or textured.

These facilities enable us to offer reduced lead times and tight control on quality.

If required, we will also hold stock and deliver to your requirements.

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